Earlier this week I took some old windows to the dump. The bed of the truck was full and after arriving I began to unload. A man who needed to use the same dumpster pulled in and waited for me to finish. He got out of his truck, walked over and asked if I needed any help. I told him; “No, thank you,” and kept working. He jumped in the dumpster and helped anyway. At first I was aggravated but it was a lot of windows and by helping me he also helped himself. We finished and I told him thank you and asked if I could help him. He said; “That’s okay.” I told him thanks again and headed to an appointment, appreciative of the help even if at first it was unwanted.

There are moments, days, seasons, in our lives when we have enough or more than enough junk to handle. It can be overwhelming but we don’t ask for or desire help because we feel the burden is ours to bear alone. There are those family members, friends, even strangers, however, that see our struggle and insist on assisting us anyway. We may at first resist but when the burden is finally lifted we are thankful and humbled by the grace extended.


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