Anyway Part 2

A few days ago I blogged about not wanting help unloading a truck full of windows and getting it anyway (

As me and the helper emptied the truck I was trying to place the windows into the dumpster without breaking any panes so others wouldn’t have to walk on broken glass or cut themselves. In spite of my best efforts I somehow broke one. I saw the crack, then watched as a large piece of the pane slowly broke away and dropped, shattering on the metal floor. Many pieces of a whole now scattered never to be put together again.

I thought about life and how things that were once treasured and useful are now considered disposable. The pieces of glass a reminder of what was once cut and fitted in a window to allow light, air, scents, life into a home, now trampled and useless.

Be careful not to take the good for granted. It’s never guaranteed to be there the next moment, time, or season.


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