Yesterday I stopped at a gas station, went inside and was confused. I have been in this convenience store several times because it has the cheapest gas in town. I go in, take a left to the counter, and pay. However, when I went in, there were drink coolers where the counter used to be. I looked around, saw the cashier on the opposite side of the store, walked up to her and asked; “Did the store change?” “No,” she replied. I took a few steps back, looked out the window to make sure I was at the correct station. It appeared the same but it wasn’t. I heard a chuckle behind me, looked at the woman working the register, and she confessed the store had been flip-flopped. She laughed, I faked a smile, told her; “thank you,” and went outside to fill my tank. Driving home I reflected upon the experience.

Life gets upended at times and some of us don’t do well with change. We try to accept and adapt but it takes time, lots of it. The convenience store becomes a manifestation of our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We’re discombobulated and we don’t like it. We wait for someone to start laughing, tell us it’s all a joke, no harm, no foul, but that’s not usually how life works.


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