Meet Brian Loging (the WannaBe Saint)


Brian Loging has over 20 years of speaking and working with people of all ages, from many places.

He is a teacher, friend and spiritual mentor to students and adults across the United States and leads the Fatherhood Engagement Project in South Central Tennessee for one of America’s largest non-profit organizations.


As the Fatherhood Engagement Project Leader he speaks on how to design a multi-layered, cross cultural community outreach to recruit and engage fathers to connect with their families and communities.

Topics include day and week-long seminars on improving family relationships, leadership strategies and more.

As an ordained elder in the Nazarene Church and Benedictine Oblate he directs spiritual and prayer retreats.

Topics include contemplative disciplines, understanding the Bible in its historical context, praying the Psalms and more.

Brian has hosted and been the featured guest speaker at many different types of special occasions and celebrations, youth and family oriented events and community outreaches.

Creator and lead writer @ a site which publishes articles, messages, reflections, videos and other creative endeavors that encourage and challenge thousands of faith walkers and seekers alike.

Read more here.

  1. Hi Brian,

    Really great site. Love what you’re doing.

    I’m posting a positive thought each morning. Let me know what you think. (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, & for an email version).

    Best wishes,
    Prof. Mitch


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