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The other morning I took the dog outside for some “private” time and waited on the front porch for him to finish. He was taking an extra long so I started walking to make sure he was focused on the task at hand. However, as I stepped forward I walked into a spider web. It was on my face and I did the obligatory “spider web dance” everyone does where you throw your hands in the air, wipe your face and hands trying to get the sticky substance off your face and body. The web belonged to a small spider and the web was invisible until I walked into it.

I feel like our country and world has been walking into spider webs this week. Invisible, sticky, hard to avoid and get out of situations and circumstances. Things such as racial tensions which we avoid until we can’t have been front and center. Politics and how they divide us. History and its impact on our culture. Power, ego, arrogance, and leadership has stuck to those who are trying to direct and guide us. Mistakes, bad choices, negative thinking, biases, judgment, have all clung to us and seem impossible to get rid of.

Wisdom tells us that if we wish to know the true way we must be still, silent, at peace and humble. However, it seems impossible because new crises and threats emerge seemingly every day. There’s also another wisdom saying; “Be still for at least 30 minutes unless you are busy or in a hurry then sit still for an hour.

I long for our world to simply be still, for a moment, and see the difference it could make.

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Significance and Arrogance


The sun and the rain are fighting for supremacy of the sky today. One moment the sun seems to have the battle in hand but the next the grey clouds and rain rally to retake the advantage.

It’s been interesting to try and work outside between the clash of giants. I may not know who’ll ultimately claim victory but I do know I have no say in the matter. Forces beyond my control are staking their claim and I’m a bystander.

Nature, when we take the time to see and connect with it, is a marvelous teacher of humanity’s true place in the world. For all the bluster, quests for power, political campaigns, battles for territory, fights over resources we can’t make the sun shine. Even in our technological age when humankind seems to be making incredible breakthroughs in science, medicine, computer design, the understanding of the human body and the planet on which we reside, we can’t make it stop raining.

Wisdom teaches us to recognize the difference between our significance and our arrogance.



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