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Losing What’s Valuable

This morning, on my way to the office, I spied a small car whose trunk seemed to be unlatched. At first I thought maybe it was tied off because it was carrying something larger than its capacity but I watched as it slowly opened up and the driver seemed unaware. At the next stop light I jumped out of the truck and noticed the driver of the unfastened trunk saw me in her driver’s mirror. She rolled down her window and I asked; “do you know your trunk is open?”  “No, she said, ‘I just came from the store and must’ve forgotten to shut it.'” “Well I’m going to close it for you OK?” I replied as I made sure it was secure, hopped back into the Frontier as the light turned green and then we both went our way.

I reflected on the lady and the open trunk, thankful for eyes to see, hands to help and a willing heart to assist someone in need. The truth is that we need each other to make sure we don’t lose our way or what’s valuable as we travel the road of life.


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