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I’ve heard of people having the cops called on them but never the neighbors. Yet, that’s what happened to me today.

A couple of weeks ago a couple of mighty storms blew through our area. The winds damaged and loosened some shingles on our house. We had the insurance company out this week and a roofing person but there is rain in the forecast for tomorrow and I wanted to temporarily fix the roof to avoid any leaks. So, this morning I retrieved the ladder and went to work. Our roof is very steep so my wife made me promise last night to text before going up and when I was finished. I did the first part but forgot the second. Midway through another chore I heard the voice of my neighbor; “Brian! Brian!” I stopped what I was doing, and headed to the front yard. There she was and I was confused. Then she said; your bride was worried and wants you to call her! which I immediately did.

After putting my wife’s mind at rest, I smiled and was thankful for someone who loves me enough to call a neighbor and ask them to get in their car, drive over and check to make sure I’m okay. That little neighbor lady and the Mrs. made my day.

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