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Never Be Quenched


I spent the morning raking and picking up branches out of the yard. When I finished I placed them on a pile of debris I have near a burn barrel. I’m hoping to turn the compost into ash which Beth will use for her plants and garden.

I lit the fire and among the stuff I tried burning was an old grape-vine which the previous owners had planted. I’d cut it down several months ago and figured it was dry enough to burn. However, I was surprised to see water come out of the ends of the thick vine as the fire heated it up. For several minutes, until there was no more moisture to give, the vine fought against burning but finally succumbed to the heat and the flame.

Watching the fire consume the vine I was reminded of times we’re thrown into the fires of trouble, heartache and pain. We do our best to refuse to burn but chaos, confusion, doubt and fear have a way of forcing the spirit of love, grace and the willingness to keep going, out of us. However, unlike the branches today we are not consumed and our lives and spirits aren’t turned to ash. Though the flames and heat may burn away the outer, temporary parts of us, our source of goodness and light can never be quenched.

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