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Stench of Death

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Stench of Death

Earlier this week we had a visitor. I was getting ready for bed and was walking into the kitchen for something to drink. As I did a little furry rodent ran in front of me. I chased it into the reading room but by the time I flipped the light switch on it had vanished. Usually, mice aren’t a problem as the days get warmer and we’ve had an unusually warm winter so they’ve been few and far between. I set up a couple of traps and waited.

To my surprise, I didn’t catch one but four of them in less than 24 hours. Now, 5 days later, there’s no sign of mice anywhere.  To dispose of them I used plastic store bags, tying them as air tight as I could get them and threw it into the kitchen waste basket. We’ve had a busy week and the trash can didn’t fill up as fast as it usually does. I forgot about the mice until we got back home from church today and there was a stench, a smell that made our noses crinkle and our eyes water. It was then I remembered the deceased creatures in our trash. I took the bag outside, sprayed Lysol in the can, replaced the bag and lit a scented candle.

It was a smelly and good lesson on dead things in our life. Whether it’s a relationship, a job, a habit, a hurt or a hangup if we don’t take care of things which will bring death to our physical, emotional or spiritual lives we will end with a stench surrounding us. Through self-awareness and spiritual guidance, we can identify the decay, clean it out of our lives and not be haunted any longer.

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Cutting Away 

Yesterday I was able to get a couple of pieces of plywood that can be used for a project I’m working on. The wood is damaged in places and will require me to cut away the the deteriorating and dilapidated portions to make use of the good.

I can relate to the wood. As a whole; there are parts of me that are unsightly and useless. I can be selfish, shallow and sinful. I want things my way, on my timetable and too often my mind, emotions and spirit aren’t focused outwardly but on inward desires.

As I’ve walked, crawled, the path of wisdom and truth these parts of me are slowly being cut away, albeit a little at a time. There is good within but ego, greed, prejudice, judgement, the damaged parts of my true self must be disposed of to be useful and maybe one day; holy.

It’s not easy.The blade of wisdom and truth is sharp but the alternative; decay and death, would be a far worse fate.

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