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Finding the Good

Finding the Good

I arrived yesterday at a group home to talk about making good choices and having a plan when they leave the facility. The front door leads to a long hallway and immediately to the left is the meeting room. I opened the door and was about to make my way to the room when I could hear they were engaged in a heated and heartfelt discussion. One of the residence, we’ll call John, had offended another person in the group and the leader was trying to explain to John what he had done and why it was necessary for him to apologize. It was tough getting through to John. He had a point of view, feeling which had been wounded also, and it seemed no matter what was said and how the guys in the group in said it, John was unable to see the fault in his words and behavior. Finally, the leader, sensing they weren’t progressing, put a halt to the discussion and had each of them say something positive about John before dismissing the session.

Difficult people exist in families, friendships, jobs and every place you find folksĀ from different backgrounds, with different life experiences, raised in different ways, think differently and act differently. In other words, difficult people are everywhere. Truth be known, we have been different and difficult ourselves at one time or another. We can’t avoid those who get on our nerves, say and do inappropriate things, offend us and others, cause disruptions, and this can make it hard to love and show grace to them.

If we can’t live without them, perhaps we can try our best to find the positive in them. Seeing good, focusing on what’s right instead all that may be wrong can cause us to treat them better, love them more and is a reminder that someone may be trying to locate the good in us as well.

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