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Like the Earthworm

I just came in from a long day of working outside. I am trying to build an extension of our front door porch to connect with porch on the north side. It took its toll today. The weather was hot, around 90 degrees, with humidity.

Part of getting started was leveling the ground. I began to dig with a shovel, cut roots with a pick and fill up my lawn tractor trailer with the debris. There were several times when I uncovered an Earthworm. It’s always interesting the reaction to their world being turned upside down, foundations being taken away, an unknown force destabilizing what, moments before, seemed solid and dependable. If it was a spider, a mouse, or a snake, most often the reaction is to run away, find another place of safety and solace. Not the Earthworm. The Earthworm immediately starts burrowing deeper. It doesn’t abandon its home, instead it intuitively digs further down.

Wisdom teaches us to be like the Earthworm. Trust your foundations. When life comes and turns everything upside down, strips away what we hold dear. Instead of panicking, looking for something else to put our faith in, allowing the forces of this world to bring its chaos into our very hearts, dig deeper and know you can’t reach the bottom of grace and love.

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