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Idols and Illusions

Idols and Illusions¬†–

I would add to the quote attached to this post anything that’s fleeting, temporal, transitory, this that tell us lies about ourselves or others. Things like politics, money, jobs, reputations. Idols are all of these and more which fix our focus on the illusion that we are in control, we are powerful and by our wills, the world can be recreated in our image. It is this illusion that destroys our world and ourselves.

This morning part of my contemplation and meditation time included a portion of the Second Book of Kings, chapter seventeen, verse 15; “They worshipped false idols and became false.” I have read that several times today, talked about it with a friend and wrote it down in a journal. It says we become what we worship. Where our heart is, our mind, emotions, spirits, where our energies are applied is what we are and what we become.

Idols and illusions are hard to see sometimes. Breaking free from them isn’t easy. #AlbertEinstien said; “All of reality is an illusion, a persistent one, but still an illusion.

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All We Can

One of the hardest parts of my vocation is choosing who does and doesn’t get to attend one of our Incarcerated Father classes. There is limited classroom space and plenty of applicants. Each hopeful dad fills out a form and then submits it for the screening process. I receive basic information such as father’s age, number and ages of children, how long they expect to be and why they are incarcerated. I haven’t met these men, don’t know their story and accept that I won’t be able to help them all.

So…I choose and hope other organizations, good-hearted, willing people can¬†reach the ones I can’t.

There are many problems and difficulties in our complicated and chaotic world. The question isn’t; “Can we fix it all?” but “Are we doing all we can to fix it?”


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