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Turn on the Light

Turn on the Light

The last few nights I have been watching an Unsolved Mystery Series about Paranormal Activity. It’s interesting to learn the history of a certain place, why it would be haunted and listen to those who have reportedly seen, felt, heard, witnessed a ghost. For the record, I don’t believe in ghosts, Big Foot or aliens. I understand that my unbelief doesn’t mean they don’t exist I just need proof, real, scientific, verifiable proof.

There are two hosts of the show; one is a “believer” the other a “cynic.” They travel around the world to different haunted sites and investigate, sometimes spending the night, trying to obtain proof of the paranormal. They usually arrive in the daytime and explore the site and when night comes find a place to sleep. It’s when dark comes the “fun” begins. The one who thinks spooks are real hears noises, whispers, thumps and automatically assumes its ghosts trying to communicate or scare the duo. The cynic laughs and dismisses it all as coincidence and his co-host’s overactive imagination. The cynic tries to sleep but the believer keeps him up all night long with questions; “did you hear that? I know you heard that! Did you feel that? Something moved past my leg!” By the time morning comes they are both worn out and neither has come over to the other’s point of view. Usually, at the crack of dawn, the believer is so relieved he made it through the night he is delirious and suddenly braver while the cynic is simply ready to leave.

It’s interesting the difference light makes. It shines, chasing away our darkest fears, deepest dreads, and restores what the darkness steals.

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All You Need

This morning I retrieved a load of clothes from the dryer which consisted mostly of my dress shirts and took them to my closet. On my way to the laundry room I grabbed a plethora of hangers, however, now that I had the dress shirts, I couldn’t find as many as I needed. Lazily, I didn’t want to walk back to the laundry room, so scavenged the closet for extras but didn’t find enough. Sigh! Back to the laundry room I went but happened to look down at the ironing board and hanging from it were more than enough hangers. I had all I needed, I simply needed to look in the right place.

One of my favorite wisdom proverbs;

Stop searching for what you think you’re missing. You already have all that you need.

I was reminded of that quote this morning as I hung up my shirts. We spend so much time trying to find what we think we’re missing, trying to be the people we think we’re supposed to be, searching in vain for purpose, peace and passion. To accept the truth that we have all we need, we simply must see it, is both freeing and allows us to settle within instead of a non-stop search without.

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