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Future Need


Future Need

It’s a beautiful Saturday here in middle Tennessee. Nice enough to plant flowers and vegetables, pick up sticks and limbs, and burn a collection of papers which have been growing in our house since last fall. I took two huge bags of forms, notices, credit card appeals, and receipts we wouldn’t want to fall into the wrong hands and little by little placed them into the flames which I’d started in our burn barrel.

I wasn’t paying much attention until a colorful receipt caught my eye. It was from the local volunteer fire department. I remember the man stopping by the house, ringing the doorbell and him explaining why he was collecting funds. We donated what we could and after he left we both agreed that when it comes to the folks who might one day receive a phone call to come and extinguish your house that’s on fire, you don’t want to be stingy.

As the receipt was consumed by fire I thought about the irony but I also reflected on the wisdom of investing in things which might not be needed immediately. However, if/when the time arrives you’ll be glad you took the time, gave what you had, respected, paid attention and didn’t ignore what might one day be your salvation!

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