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Second Gaze

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The world today tends to be cynical about most things. We have a hard time believing in an enchanted world, a sacred or benevolent universe. Why would we if we see only at the surface level? Everywhere we turn, every time we watch the news, we see suffering. We have become skeptical about God’s goodness, humanity’s possibilities, and our planet’s future. We can’t help seeing what is not and are often unable to recognize or appreciate what is. I see this temptation in myself almost every day. I have to pray and wait for a second gaze, a deeper seeing. This is my daily bread.” ( #RichardRohr

The quote above, from Richard Rohr, was part of my devotional reading this morning. I quickly took the phrase; “Second Gaze” to heart. I hadn’t heard it before but it is a primary wisdom discipline. It is the understanding that if we only see with our physical sight we will miss the goodness, the light, the continuing blossoming of creation all around us. We will also miss the ways in which we can be a part of creation by loving, acts of kindness, a gentleness of spirit and humility to each person and everything we include in the circle of our lives.

Let us look around us today without the cynicism and negativity which often plagues our sight. May we behold and become a part of the ongoing miracle that is life in all its universal glory.

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Eagle Eye


This morning I found a different place to sit for a Children’s Advocacy Conference I am attending this week. It is located in an upper balcony away from the lower tier with chairs and table where I sat yesterday. Its nice and easier to see the entire stage and program. However, food and drink are not allowed up here and there is an elderly woman vigorously enforcing the rules. I’ve watched her spy on others, peak around corners, walk up and down the aisles, whispering to folks who try to take a bite of a donut, a swig of water or coffee; “You can’t do that here!” After the verbal warning she stands near and ensures her warning is heeded. She is serious about her job and duties.

As she’s determinedly walked past me I’ve noticed her facial features. Her grayish white hair swoops back, has a long pointed nose, and her glasses must be perfectly calibrated for her sight because she can spot a pastry or beverage from far away. She reminds me of an eagle.

The information being given from the stage has been insightful, engaging and, at times, entertaining. However, her gaze remains fixed on her protected space, nothing dissuades her focus. I can’t decide if its a trait to be admired or avoided.

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