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Use the Bounce

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Use the Bounce

Using a pruning extension saw is serious! I pruned a couple of tall trees today and my shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers hurt. When you extend the saw the full height there isn’t much pressure you can put on the blade to cut the branches. The saw teeth grab the branch, begin to saw, and the limb bounces up and down. It can be frustrating to keep the blade in the gap to keep cutting. The beginner tries to apply more pressure to keep the limb from bouncing. The experienced pruner uses the bounce. When the branch goes down he goes up and vice versa. Soon a rhythm starts and the limb and saw are working together instead of against.

Life is similar. It’s hard to get a hold of at times. Seasons when life is unsteady and we find it hard to find our balance. The more we tighten our grip the more it slips through our hands. However, if we learn to ride out the ups and downs of life we can find our balance and our rhythm.

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