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It has begun!

Several weeks ago my wife and I hired someone to remodel our bathroom. Today, they started. I work at home and it wasn’t easy to focus on anything with the bathroom being demolished a few feet away.

A safe space is important for someone like me who’s battling a major depressive disorder and a severe anxiety disorder or another who deals with any┬ámental health issues. We need a quiet, mostly uninterrupted space where we can collect our thoughts, process the day that was and prepare for the next day. ┬áThis week I don’t have that and it has me concerned.

In times and seasons when our rhythm is disrupted, our safe space invaded, what we use to cope is taken away, we need to remember that all outward places we look for protection are not always available. The safest space is in the arms of grace, a deep abiding peace which travels with you wherever you go.

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Missing the Mark


I envy people with remodeling, home improvement, general construction skills. I realize jealousy leads to lusting and coveting but try not to let it get that far. I just want it to be as easy as folks with these skills make it seem because for me any thing involving a nail, screw driver, saw, or other tool is anything but easy.

My wife and I are in the middle of redoing our small farm/cottage home we moved into last December. One of the many projects we’re working on is redoing an old shed and transforming it into a green house.

As I worked on this job today I was putting wall materials in place. Finding the wall stud is hard for me. I’ve watched videos, used contraptions, measured and marked but for some reason I usually end up with too many nail/screw holes near the stud but not actually into it.

As I stared at those familiar holes today I thought about how often I’ve missed the mark in other areas of my life. Places where I actually have some skills still bear the scars of mess ups, mistakes, missed opportunities, wrong words and actions said and done in haste or with malice and forethought.

The non-skilled handy man’s best friend is wall putty. For other areas of life humility, repentance and honesty can fix a lot of damage when we miss the mark.

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