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Accepting Both

Accepting Both

This morning I was trying to explain to the dog that; “sniffing” was not the point of him being outside. Realizing, again, our Siberian Husky doesn’t speak English I felt something buzz my head. It sounded like a huge BumbleBee (, flinching I tried to spot the culprit and instead spotted a Hummingbird ( It was fluttering from one plant to another looking for nectar. I was mesmerized by its quick, sporadic, movement and “invisible wings.” I know that a Hummingbird’s wings are not transparent they just flap them incredibly fast and they are amazing creatures to watch. I forgot about the dog and watched the bird until it landed on a branch and began watching me. I was still as possible but Trooper had finished, came running back, and frightened it flew away.

A few hours later I mowed, weeded, the yard and after I finished I sat down outside drinking water and trying to cool off. I enjoyed the shade and a nice stiff breeze. I watched as the wind blew limbs, petals, leaves and grass. I thought to myself; “This is the second time today I’ve watched the effects of something I can’t see; the wings of the Hummingbird and the wind.”

I reflected on the invisible forces which move in our lives, propelling us on our path. There are seasons when these unseen powers blow chaos, difficulties, and tragedies and like the leaves and grass we are helpless to stop it. Other times, like the Hummingbird, with great effort we can choose to move to the rhythm of goodness and light.

True wisdom is not knowing how to avoid the hard times but accepting both with grace and humility.

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Stillness, Survival & Sanity


When we bought our old farm house/cottage last year it came with an old wooden bench. This metal framed piece of furniture is a weather worn looking antique with wood slats and not at all sturdy enough to sit upon.

Yesterday I moved the bench underneath a large beautiful tree on the side of our house. I then reinforced it with newer pieces of wood, screws and then tested it out by sitting on it. It held. “Whew!”

The sun had climbed high enough in the sky that the bench was shaded by the tree’s branches. A cool wind was blowing and I let out and took in several calming breaths. As I enjoyed doing nothing a hummingbird almost flew into me and landed on limb a few feet away. For a moment we were both still, taking in our surroundings, just being alive.

In that instant I saw myself in this beautiful frenetic creature. The last few weeks have been a blur of non-stop, meetings, speaking engagements, special events, celebrations, crises, physical ailments and more. Like that hummingbird I’ve been using a lot of energy to stay up, moving, just getting from place to place.

As I stared at my now resting, unhurried, feathered friend I was reminded that stillness of soul, mind and body isn’t just a good idea but necessary for survival and sanity.



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