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Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts

Earlier this afternoon there was a knock on our front door. Unfortunately, I was indisposed and couldn’t answer it and be decent at the same time. When I finally got to the door the person was gone and all that was left was a book on the evilness of Protestantism. I picked up the book, flipped through it as I walked into the house. I put it down in the foyer and continued on with my day.

However, as I was busy with other things a thought crept into my mind; “What if someone had brushed a coat of poison on the outside cover of the book? What if there had been dust inside and as I flipped through it floated into the air and on me?” I asked my wife; “How have we gotten to a place in the world where a book left on a front porch can cause us to have thoughts of terrorism and criminal intent?”

We live in a time where nothing seems innocent. We are suspicious, judgemental, accusatory, on high alert, expecting and preparing for the worst. How do we get back to a more innocent time? Was there ever such a thing?

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Butting Heads


There must be something in the air. Yesterday, on my way into the office, I passed two sheep butting heads. This morning, it was two cows, who were knocking noggins together. Neither was moving much, just a lot of gyrations, pushing, digging in their hooves and not wanting to be the loser of the battle.

As I watched them I thought about occasions when my ego and another’s clashed. We both tried to get the upper hand, establish our dominance, control, coerce, force our point of view and preference upon the other. The problem of course is that no one truly wins when egos clash. Ego breeds ego and the result is inflated self worth and self righteous judgment and hypocrisy.

Humility is the only antidote to ego. Knocking heads, throwing our weight around, stubbornly insisting on our way doesn’t get us and others anywhere but dirty and hurt.

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