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When the Wind Wins

Yesterday, strong winds swept through the area. Last night these mighty breezes blew over a section of fencing we have on our property. When I walked outside this morning I noticed the damage. What was holding the fence in place snapped. The fence isn’t broken, no good, or needs to be replaced, it just needs to be set up right and secured, grounded again.

Life’s storms sometimes blow us over. No matter how secure, safe, stable or sure we are about our footing the winds of the storms of life blow us, and all we hold dear, put our confidence in, place hope upon, over. For some, this is the end of the story. They are down and out for the count.

For others it is a hard but needed lesson. The great truth that no matter how strong we are we cannot, and will not, always hold up to the strong winds of an often complicated and difficult journey.

There are days, seasons, when the winds win. However, this doesn’t have to be the end of the story. Being blown away by life doesn’t mean we can’tĀ find our footing and continue to make our way home. The choice is ours; give up or get up.



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