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To Listen¬†–

Hard conversations aren’t easy, they’re not supposed to be.

Life isn’t easy, it’s not supposed to be.

Talking about life and our disappointments, challenges, battles lost is incredibly difficult.

We grow up thinking life should be one way and when it turns into something else, something bitter, repugnant, and not at all like our dreams the spirit of life can be sucked out of us.

I spoke with someone this week who couldn’t wrap their minds around life and how unfair it has become. They’ve done their best to accept the defeats, travel the road that isn’t their¬†choice, find the silver lining in a dark and devastating world.

When someone like this crosses our path we must remember it is not our duty to; “make them feel better,” or “try to convince them all is not as bad as it seems,” or suggest that their suffering is; “God’s will.”

Our part to play in their story is to listen without judgment or unsolicited advice. A reassuring touch, a bent ear, a vulnerable spirit, a reminder that there are people who are God’s grace, kindness, and presence embodied and available to them.

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