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Investing –

This morning I had a meeting with another community organization. I was presenting a new opportunity to work with fathers in our area and hoped they would help us. I have presented ideas, data, skills and a host of other information, to more organizations and ministries than I can count. I’ve never been asked to leave or had a bad experience but have had the occasional person I was talking to be looking at their phone, out the window or at their watch. Those presentations and discussion following seem to drag on forever. I’ve also had the organization be excited about the opportunity to partner with us. Most, however, are somewhere in the middle.

Today’s meeting was the exception because the woman whom I was meeting with was excited and had some great ideas as to how we could make part of our plan work at her location. She paid attention, listened intently, took notes, asked questions and made me feel welcomed and not rushed to finish so she could start doing something else. In other words, she was fully present in our time together. It was awesome.

It was a great reminder the difference we can make in other people’s lives if we invest our time, our kindness, our respect, and our lives in theirs.

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What We Seek


This morning I needed a large metal hook to hang something. I looked all over for one and could not locate it. I’ve seen one recently, several times in fact, but for some reason, as the saying goes; “You can find what you’re looking for until you need what you’re looking for.” Someone also said; “What you’re looking for is always in the last place you look.” I would add; “unless you stop looking.” which is what I did.

One of my favorite wisdom proverbs is; “You always find that which you are truly seeking.” Maybe I never wanted to locate the hook but needed to remember this beautiful and poignant nugget of truth. We seem to always be searching for answers but rarely finding them. Perhaps it is because what we seek isn’t the same as what we want to find.

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