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Taking the Plunge

puppyfailToday, on this first day of the New Year, I find myself not quite ready to jump into 2014.

For a contemplative a New Year brings together two truths which seem to be in direct conflict with each other.

The first is life has a rhythm, a score, a flow to it and finding this, immersing oneself in it, brings contentment. A contemplative likes hearing, sensing this rhythm. It’s why we pray at the same times each day, enjoy nature and the seasons, discovering a pattern in the often chaotic life which surround us.

The second is everything, everywhere, is always changing. It’s never the same. Though we like to pray morning, midday, evening and night it doesn’t always happen because life is always happening. The noise and disruptions of existence can keep us from sensing and hearing the rhythm. Even the seasons are always transitioning one into another.

The end of one year and the beginning of another can be disconcerting. What will the New Year bring? Change is a given but what kind, how many, will I be able to adjust, find the flow, be at peace and content?

Another truth is that the New Year is here and there’s no stopping it from opening up before us and becoming what it will be, taking us to an unknown destination. Good or bad, hard or easy, most likely somewhere in between, 2014 has arrived and we must let go of what has passed, not grasp for what is not known, and receive with open hand and listening soul.

taking the plunge,

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Selfies & New Year’s Resolutions


“The selfie to end all selfies.” In fact it’s so good, it’s out of this world. NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins, a flight engineer on NASA’s Expedition 38, snapped himself during a space walk on Christmas Eve, reports the New York Post.

Selfies are an interesting phenomena and make the list of one of the most annoying words of 2013.

Friends, family members and co-workers post selfies on social networking sites regularly. Almost everyday I see someone who is posing in front of the bathroom or driver’s mirror, on the couch, with their significant other or “bff”, when they’ve bought a new outfit or think they look great at a particular moment, in a certain light, if their head is turned just so.

Selfies have “tells” such as being 3 feet away, only 1 arm showing, the light of the flash in the eyes or on face, and rarely, if ever, look natural.

I don’t get selfies but I do get the urge to show people our best side. I understand the desire for people to see us in a certain way and certain light, no blemishes, kept at arm’s length, blinded by the illusion we create.

Maybe in 2014 we will choose to stop focusing on ourselves, hoping the fantasy of how we want to be seen will last 1 more year, stop concealing the scars and imperfections, and decide instead to make others look better.

What if our desire was to do everything we could to help family, friends, co-workers, strangers be seen in the best light, to see the best in themselves?

Could it be, if we made this resolution, we’d no longer need a camera to make the world and ourselves, easier to look at and live with?

blessings and Happy New Year!


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