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Release and Purifiy

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Release & Purify

They weren’t there a few days ago but today, when I and the dog went outside, the storm door pushed them aside. Brown, dead, Oak tree leaves are everywhere. Each blast of wind or short breeze seems to shake more loose. Sitting, you can watch them fall, seemingly endlessly, piling up in corners, next to the fence, in flower pots and against the house. What to do? Find the rake, gather them in a pile, set them ablaze.

Last week I wrote about letting go of things and how the fall season is a great metaphor for living a life where we don’t hold on to things¬†( Not grasping the fragile things of life is certainly the way of wisdom but so is getting rid of those fallen things which now lay at our feet.¬†Being truly free is ridding ourselves of those trinkets which, if allowed, will still grasp hold of our lives and souls. To be pure, clean, unburdened by the world’s worthless toys, takes an act of release and purification.

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