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To Think –

I am currently teaching a men’s class on Wednesday evenings in a city that’s an hour away from home. This means on Wednesday afternoon and evening I have a bit of time on my hands. I spent most of it yesterday talking with fathers on the phone. A couple of hours to myself gives me time to think about my day, week, schedule and the materials I will be teaching and how the class went on the way back.

Thinking is a balancing act for someone like me with a Severe Anxiety Disorder. If I’m not careful thinking can turn to rumination and going over and over a situation, interaction, occasion in my mind. I described it one time to my therapist; “My over-thinking is like bubblegum. You chew on it and for a while, you get something tasty. Soon, however, all the flavor is gone and you’re chewing a piece of wet rubber.” I try to be aware of my thoughts and if I’m fixating on a particular subject. When I catch myself I turn on the radio, a podcast or music.

Wisdom tells us; “We cannot stop thoughts from entering the door of our minds
but we do not have to serve them tea

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Sifting and Sorting

Pallets make a great source of free wood for our fire and the ash is a good fertilizer. But, to use the ash you must first separate it from the metal nails and staples. This past weekend I bought a magnet from a hardware store so that when the ash cools it can be used to pick up what is detrimental to growing things.

Yesterday, I tried it out and it worked well. A quick swipe and a lot of metal was stuck to the magnet. As I removed the nails, screws and staples I thought about how nice it would be to have a magnet for our spirits, emotions and thoughts which we could swipe over ourselves removing any attitudes, dispositions, hostility, confusion, doubts, fears anything that keeps us from growing, maturing, walking the path of wisdom and peace.

However, the more I considered this the more I saw that oftentimes it is the battles, the hardships, the weaknesses we overcome that can be our greatest source of growth. It is in the sifting, the sorting, the separation of the positive and negative influences upon our lives where we find our strength and purpose.

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