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Space Between

Space Between

Today has been a day of waiting.  A weather front moved into our area on Friday and it has been raining off and on for three days.

Outside the living room window is our front porch with a tin roof. There is no mistake rain is falling when listening to one of the best songs ever. On a cool, cloudy, rainy day a tin roof is a nap maker, guaranteed.

Although the sound of raindrops on the tin is beautiful we also have a dog who lets us know when he’s ready to go outside. We try to wait for a lull in the melody but sometimes we force him and ourselves outside.

I have a friend who’s in a place where they’d rather not be. They are trapped and wanting a way out. However, there has been no indication its time. It is a season of waiting, a space between being unable to move and desiring very much to do so.

Living in the space between can be frustrating and maddening. Wisdom teaches us that existing in the time between the seasons, the challenge and the overcoming, the obstacle and the crossing over it, the sickness and renewed health, isn’t easy but can produce in us growth and maturation.

It is the seed planted in the ground which grows not the one carried with us.

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Powerless –

One of the hardest things to do in life is to admit we are powerless. It’s not in our DNA. We are overcomers. We make a way where there isn’t a way. We will not be conquered, helpless, ineffectual, useless, defenseless, defeated.

However, there are times when we have no choice. In spite of our defiance and indomitable spirit, we must admit we cannot win, change or alter a situation.

Wisdom tells us that submission can at times be our greatest strength. It is when we are still, not struggling, we find our way to peace and contentment. There is a difference between being physically or emotionally powerless and having the ability to know the fight isn’t ours to win.

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Uncomfortable Victories


I’m claustrophobic, not a little but terrifying so. The thought of being trapped, confined, stuck in any place invokes a real fear and has induced several panic attacks. I usually get along fine by simply avoiding situations in which not being able to escape could occur.

However, the past few days there has been a horrendous odor emanating from somewhere around the house and it’s driving me crazy! On Wednesday I began to seriously consider going under our home to see if something beneath might be the source of the stench. After spending most of Friday morning convincing myself I could handle it, I put on a set of work clothes and decided to try.

I haven’t been into our crawl space since we’ve moved in for obvious reasons. I had no idea how tiny and cramped it actually was and when I stuck my head in I came close to changing my mind.

However, after a little self motivation and saying out loud; “You don’t have to go any further than you want. You can turn around anytime.” I ventured into a truly terrifying and uncomfortable place. Deep breathing, repeating the mantra, I inched further into the darkness.

Unfortunately I could not get to every spot under the house nor locate the source of stink. Even though I was only beneath the building a short time it seemed forever and when I emerged I quickly shed my confining work clothes, settled down and stayed outside for several hours enjoying the wide open space.

I’ve reflected upon the episode several times since yesterday and in a way I’m thankful to at least have tried. There have been moments in my life where claustrophobia has almost crippled me so even a few fleeting minutes seems a triumph.

Life isn’t always about permanently overcoming. Sometimes it’s the small victories that remind us fear hasn’t won.



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