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Malevolent or Benevolent

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Malevolent or Benevolent

Last night I listened to a podcast about the psychology of a stalker. A young woman, through no fault of her own, had encountered a patron at her work and treated him nicely, the way she did every customer. The man who received her professional courtesy and kindness took it as a gesture of a personal declaration of her love for him. From then on he would show up at her work, her home, parties and other places. At first, he would watch her for hours, then he began writing poetry, calling her at home, declare his love for her and her for him at different and unexpected places. She reported his behavior to the police, depended on friends to keep him away, moved twice to locations almost five-hundred miles apart. Still, he found her.

He wrote a blog about being a stalker in which he wrote about a love that was benevolent; kind, kindly, kindhearted, big-hearted, good-natured, good, benign, compassionate, caring. He insisted she misunderstood him and accused him of being malevolent; malicious, hostile, evil-minded, baleful, evil-intentioned, venomous, evil, malign, malignant, rancorous, vicious, vindictive, vengeful. He had plans of “fake” kidnapping her and after she went away with him, falling in love with him. His behavior was spiraling and finally, after attacking another woman, he was put in jail for thirteen months for assault, stalking and predatory behavior. Before, during and after being incarcerated, he wrote a book about a man who fell in love with a beautiful woman who eventually learned to love him. People can find the book for sale online today and the blog he still writes.

Love gone wrong, gone bad, corrupted, coercive and corrosive is not love but selfishness painted in illusion. As I listened to the podcast last night I couldn’t help but think a lot of what’s wrong with our world today is people not knowing the difference between malevolent and benevolent.

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pulling on that chain
not wanting to listen
chasing after boys

mama's in the front yard
begging for attention 
you're running in circles

sights and sounds
the road of life beckons
stifling your lover's plea

resenting the restraining
tugging at those fetters
one day you're gonna break free

the road can be dangerous
for one so easily injured
but shoulders aren't strong enough to hold 

impulses won't be shackled
you keep pulling on that chain
running in circles




stone splashes
ripples rock

Adam's ale breaks
crests fall
swells surge 
pools billow 

stillness desired
harbor required 

unbalance, stability
cacophony, harmony
turbulence, tranquility
disturbance, serenity

the dare


chill in the air
first of its kind
as i inhale

to draw life
into deep places
i oblige



wait (Photo credit: CmdrFire)

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