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Want to See

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Want to See

Last spring my wife planted some Petunias in a steel bucket that sits in our front yard. This spring she’s been too busy. In place of the beautiful flowers we had last year there are several weeds growing. This afternoon, while mowing the grass, I looked in the steel bucket and there was one single pink Petunia. It was small, crowded and shadowed by the weeds but it was there none the less. If I wasn’t looking in the right place and the right time I would have missed it.

Life can be similar to the small flower in that bucket. There are plenty of weeds; stress, schedules, emergencies, life changing decisions, habits, hang-ups, and hurts. It can be easy not to see the good when we are surrounded by so many things which crowd our lives and shadow our hearts. However, if we keep looking, daring to hope and dream perhaps we will see the beauty of kindness, grace, and love blossom before our eyes.


Under Pressure


A few weeks ago a belt on our vacuum cleaner broke turning it into a large, useless, piece of plastic, metal and wires. Hoping to repair it without taking it to a shop I found a store which sold belts and looked for the one I needed. Unfortunately the manufacturer no longer makes the model nor the belt. So, I began to look for one close to the size of the broken one I had brought with me hoping for a suitable replacement. After finding and purchasing the belt I brought it home.

Last night I decided to try and fix the vacuum cleaner. I noticed the belt was a very tight fit, requiring a good deal of stretching to get it in place. After getting all the other pieces correctly attached I turned on the machine. For a moment it seemed to work. However, a few more swipes over a rug and a smell began to permeate room. There were also pieces of plastic which started coming out from the bottom of the vacuum. Uhoh! I quickly shut it off and turned it over only to discover that one end of the roller, the one which the belt was next to, was destroyed. The belt was too small, and the pressure from it so great, it disintegrated the part and made the vacuum cleaner inoperable. I ended up throwing it away and we’ll be shopping for a new one this week.

As the smell diminished, while picking up the pieces, I reflected upon the truth of how pressure can also break us. If we aren’t aware of how stress, anxiety, the burdens and difficulties of everyday life and especially chaotic seasons can wear on us down, grind us to a nub, we may discover too late that we’re unable to continue to find and fulfill our purpose.

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