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No Hurry

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No Hurry

I’m not sure what caught my eye first; the quote in the picture above or the picture. It is green, sunny and beautiful, unlike today when it is mostly cloudy, windy and frigid!

The weather forecast is for more cold this weekend which makes sense because it is winter.  I don’t care for this season. The nights are long, the days are short, the extra layers of clothes make me feel claustrophobic. I know from wisdom teachers we are not to hurry through any moment or experience no matter how miserable because there are lessons to be learned and life to be lived. So, I take a breath and try to be still in a place and time I’d rather not be.

Life demands that we hurry. In the Christmas season just passed we rush to get our shopping done so we can “enjoy” the holidays and by the time we finish our “to do,” list Christmas is over. Then we quickly move into the new year with all its demands and before we know it, its spring, then summer, fall and winter quickly follow and we start all over again. Hurrying seems to be what we do best until we remember that all of these days which are flying by are our lives fading.

2018 is here. May we not hurry, take our time, experience each day and the ups and downs they bring. May we cherish each moment because moments are what make up our lives.

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Who is Greedy?

The harshest form of greed is to not give perishable things to those who need them. “But whom do I treat unjustly,” you say, “by keeping what is my own?”

Tell me, what is your own? What did you bring into this life? From where did you receive it? Did you not fall naked from the womb? Will you not go back naked to the earth? 

Who is the greedy person? It’s him, who doesn’t content himself with what he has. Who is a thief? He who steals what belongs to others. And you think that you are not greedy, and that you do not rob others? What had been granted to you so that you might care for others, you claim for yourself.

He who strips a man of his clothes is to be called a thief. Is not he who, when he is able, fails to clothe the naked, worthy of no other title? The bread which you do not use is the bread of the hungry; the garment hanging in your wardrobe is the garment of him who is naked; the shoes that you do not wear are the shoes of the one who is barefoot; the money that you keep locked away is the money of the poor; the acts of charity that you do not perform are so many injustices that you commit.Saint Basil

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Get Off My Case!

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Life is complicated but mindful simplicity is a choice we should make more often.

Yesterday I got a new phone. Today a new case was on the menu. I hopped on to peruse their offerings. The problem with most online sites is when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for it’s difficult to choose because there are so many options!

There were hard cases and soft cases, belt clips, kickstands, flips and pouches. Pink ones (not my color), blue ones, brown ones, yellow, orange, black, white. Cases made of leather, nylon, silicone, plastic, aluminum, carbon, bamboo, kryptonite? Otterboxes, Boxwave, Belkin, Samsung, Verizon, Amazon, were just a few brands. It was selection overload! Finally, I made my decision and I’m still not sure it’s what I really wanted and very sure it cost more than I intended to spend.

Buying online is a great alternative to going to different stores, comparing and contrasting but I like to hold something in my hand before I purchase it. Not being confident about my earlier acquisition I stopped by Staples when I was in town this evening. Nothing much there but a thunderstorm was dropping buckets of rain so I meandered up and down the aisles. In the paper section there was a leather notepad case. I picked it up and discovered it was the right size, right color and made a great case for my phone and it cost a whopping $2!

We don’t choose life to be so complicated, it gets that way all by itself. There are so many choices, decisions, selections and we can be overwhelmed by the amount of mental, emotional and spiritual energy it takes to keep our heads above the chaos and not drown. We do our best to make good decisions, choose wisely, live mindfully and not be distracted but there are days when it just seems too much!

I had some place to go tonight and the storm delayed me…or did it allow me a moment to pause, to remember, to wander down the path of simplicity just long enough to catch my breath from a world that has too much to offer. Life is complicated but mindful simplicity is a choice we should make more often.

grace and light,


Seeing Each Other Clearly

It happened the week of my birthday. I had a headache and needed to take some meds. When I grabbed a pill bottle I seemed to bring it up closer to my eyes than ever before to read it. Uhoh! The thought struck me, one day, maybe soon, I will need …gasp…bi-focals! So I headed to the eye doctor to get checked out. It had been a while so the following week my wife and I visited a place called “Total Vision” (the perfect name for a contemplative!)

After checking in we looked at glass frames and waited for the doctor to call my name.  Have you ever noticed that when you are waiting for your name to be called when it finally happens you feel like you have won the lottery? You jump up and walk with your nose a little higher in the air? Almost as if to look down upon those unfortunate ones who are still waiting?

We followed the assistant to a machine where I was instructed to place my head like so, rest my chin here and relax. I did what I was told and the machine blew air into my eye! I am sure the lady told me this was going to happen but I wasn’t paying attention. Following this I had to sit in another chair at a different machine and look at a kaleidoscope that focuses and un-focuses. This wasn’t too bad and was like being on an “acid trip” without the acid, I guess.I was then led to another chair and was told the doctor would call me when he was ready.


My name was called, I jumped up and went into the examination room. Eye exams are strange events. You sit in a chair, they turn off the lights, lower another weird contraption in front of your eyes and the doctor asks “can read this?” My first thought is always “not without my glasses. My eyesight is so bad I can’t even read the big E at the top of the chart without my specs! Doesn’t he have my file in front of him?”

After realizing just how impaired my sight is the doctor adjusts the lenses and repeats “is this better or worse? Number 1 or number 2?” At first all this does is remind me I should’ve gone to the bathroom before I sat in the chair but with a little patience and experience the examiner begins to help me see more clearly. The exam doesn’t take long but this time the doc seemed to go faster than usual. Rather abruptly the examination ended and he said “your right eye needs an adjustment but not your left.” I said “OK,” thanked him, picked out my frames and left.

A week later I had my new glasses and almost immediately I noticed that my eyesight on the right was crisp but my left was still blurry. Figuring it would take a few days to adjust I waited. Several days later and still no change, I was concerned. Going back I inquired with the receptionist if someone could see me and described the problem. He asked for my glasses and checked to see if the prescription and alignment was correct. They were good to go but I wasn’t leaving before the optometrist gave me another look.

After waiting, again, I was called back, again, eyeball blowing, again, pretty colors, again, more waiting, and the doctor called me back…yes, again. I informed him of what was happening, looked through the lens machine, answered the chart questions and he took his time. He not only used the machine but also handheld lenses. When it was over he said “I think we need to increase your prescription in your left eye as well.” I thanked him again, ordered a new lens and now everything is just peachy.

I wonder if I do that sometimes? Someone comes to me for clarity, wisdom, guidance and I just rush them through, hurry them up? Maybe someone doesn’t even want advice just to be listened to?

What if we took our time with everyone we met? What if we didn’t see them as an obstacle, an appointment, a to-do item, but rather was fully present for them in that moment? If we did that for each other maybe we would all see a little more clearly.

light and wisdom,


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