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This morning, on my way to a Father and Child reading event, I noticed a pair of long skid marks on the road leading to an even longer pair of tire marks on the grass which came to an abrupt stop on a small incline. It was obvious a driver wrecked but not what ultimately happened or the cause. Perhaps the person behind the wheel was taken by surprise when a deer darted in front of them. Maybe the road was slick, the car or truck began to drift and the driver over corrected. There are countless scenarios of how and why the wreck occurred and the final outcome.

As I wondered about the skid marks I also reflected on a group of incarcerated men I spoke to this week. I told them I had no idea the choices made that resulted in them being in jail, what happened in their life that brought them to this place. I also let them know I had no idea what happens next. “The rest of the story of your life will be determined by your choices.”

The road of life is full of twists and turns, hills and valleys, places of danger and difficulty. Oftentimes it’s not what happened before but what happens next that is most important.

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