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When We’re Stuck

Awesome video!  I watched in awe as the operator gently picked up the stuck deer with the giant scooper and placed it where it could move again.

As it played I thought about times in my life when I was stuck. Seasons when I couldn’t move, find my way, get loose of the muck and mire which held me, trapped me, threatened my life. I also reflected on those who came to my rescue. Folks with great skill, compassion, love and commitment who helped me when I couldn’t help myself.

Life’s path leads us to strange and uncomfortable places. There will be experiences and events which pull us in, hold us fast, wear us out and leave us stuck. Struggling, fighting to free ourselves may only leave us immobile and unable to journey forward. Having mentors, counselors, advisers, people who love and care enough to not leave us stranded can be one of our greatest treasures.

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Stunned, Stuck and Stranded on the Road Less Traveled


On my return trip today from giving a lecture on fathers and families at a university about an hour from home I noticed traffic backed up on the exit I needed to take. To avoid being stuck I bypassed it and decided to take another route through scenic Thompsons Station, Tennessee.

Rounding a back country road I noticed a sign that indicated a low bridge. My mind was elsewhere as I came upon the bridge and a box truck that didn’t quite have the clearance it needed to pass under. I quickly applied the brakes and cautiously made my way around two-thirds of the vehicle sticking out from one side of the bridge. On the other side of the small, height challenged overpass was a stunned driver standing in front of the crumpled and very stuck other third of the truck talking on a cellphone with a look of; “what happened?!?!” all over his face.

I thought about the road I had not taken to avoid being stuck and the gentleman who either missed the sign of misjudged the stature of the delivery truck. Either way his day got a lot longer.

Life. Sometimes the road we choose to travel lets us avoid troubles and stress. Other times it leaves us stunned, stranded and stuck.



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