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Steady as You Go

Belle and Trooper 9-25-2005 - 5

Our old Golden Retreiever, Belle, isn’t as young as she used to be. The picture above is from several years ago. Now, she’s nearly blind in both eyes, can’t hear, has more white on her face than gold and isn’t very steady on her feet.

This morning we went outside for an opportunity to do some “business” and she became distracted by treats she’s been finding on the ground since last weekend when the people from the church beside us had a cookout. The area the dogs visit in the morning is a shared space with the church and the attendees dropped goodies which Belle has been finding most of the week. As she sniffed around for another stale morsel her feet became tangled and she almost fell face first onto the ground. I rolled my eyes, smiled and told her; “Focus! You’re out here for one thing and you’re getting distracted by another. You can’t go in two directions without falling.

As she ignored me and continued hunting for that last elusive goodie, I reflected on the truth of how easily we “lose our feet” because we’re not focused on what’s important and instead spend our lives searching for stale, spoiled, soiled things which will never satisfy.

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