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Sounds Like –

Twenty years ago this week an F3 tornado tore through downtown Nashville, Tennessee ( We weren’t living in Tennessee at that time but we happened to be in Nashville chaperoning hundreds of teenagers at an annual talent and skills competition on the campus of Trevecca Nazarene University. When the announcement came down that all were supposed to seek shelter several of us ran to the different ball fields, tennis courts and other places where events were being held. Making sure to get everyone we saw to safety without a lot of chit-chat was important, however, one young teenage girl stopped and with fear in her eyes and voice asked me if we were in the path of the tornado? Guiding her inside as I answered; “I don’t know.” “How will we know?” she inquired. Not being a meteorologist I repeated what I once had been told; “A tornado sounds like a train!” Unbeknownst to my inquisitor, there was a set of railroad tracks behind the campus of Trevecca. At the exact time, I told her a tornado sounded like a train a train going past the school sounded its horn. “I hear the tornado! I hear the tornado!” I peered into her fear brimmed eyes, smiled and said; “Sweetie, tornadoes may sound like trains but they don’t come equipped with horns.” I got her with the rest of the students in a basement, shut the door and stood outside watching, listening for the tornado and laughing, thankful that even in this storm of chaos a light of joy can shine through.

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The news tells me that; “snow is a’comin!” They aren’t sure how much but they know it’ll be here sometime tomorrow. Being from the south I know the panic this 4 letter words brings. People are buying up bread, milk, eggs, food staples that’ll get them through this blizzard! Schools are closing, other companies are adjusting their hours accordingly as winter’s first precipitation blast is upon us. Nevermind that it’ll be 50 degrees on Monday people are hunkering down for the storm. Not caring at all for snow I’m focused on the days after it will be but a memory. Friends, who for some reason like the white stuff, are hoping for a winter wonderland even if it only lasts for a few days. Spring is on my mind while others are dreaming of snowmen and snow cones.

Whatever the weather brings; inches or feet of the white stuff, freezing or mild temperatures, one thing we know is we have no control over what happens so, …”let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….or not.


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