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Perfectly Acceptable

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Perfectly Acceptable –

It is time!” my wife told me last night. “Cutting the lawn can wait no longer!” I was hoping to wait until mid-April because mowing the grass too early can leave it vulnerable to disease. However, last week the church beside us cut theirs and now our yard looks even more unkempt. So, if it doesn’t rain today and the grass can dry out from a shower last night, I will mow today.

I blame the mild winter and the enormous amounts of rain we’ve had the last two months on the lawn being so out of control. Everything is blooming, budding sprouting and looks beautiful. The grass is the exception. It’s not all one height. Part of the grass is several inches tall while other parts are just turning green and still short.

Waiting for the sun and slight wind of this beautiful spring day to chase away the moisture I’m also reflecting on how the lawn and life are similar. There are parts of our lives where everything seems to be growing and flourishing while other parts seem to have trouble keeping up. There are relationships that are blossoming and healthy while we struggle with others. Our job may be going well but our home life needs improving. We are well-balanced emotionally but our physical side could use some conditioning. Mentally we are strong but spiritually we are lacking.

Wisdom teaches us that life is rarely, if ever, simultaneously great or terrible. What we look to do is find balance and acceptance. To do this we must ask; “Are we giving too much time to one area while neglecting another?” or “Is it just seasonal?” Perhaps a little more attention and lot more patience and we will see the blessing of a life that’s not perfect but is loved, accepted and a work in progress.

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Letting It Out 

Yesterday, on my way out of Bedford, Tennessee, I passed a fire hydrant which was was shooting water several feet high in the air onto a drenched bush. A local water worker was monitoring it, enjoying the moisture spray on a hot summer day.
As I watched the flume of water I reflected on a conversation I had with a dad earlier in the day. We talked about a lot of things as we walked around his neighborhood and one of the topics was the importance of being able to find positive, constructive ways to release the pressures and stress of life. “Too often,’ I told him, ‘We let difficulties and hardships build up and if we don’t have a way of letting them go, cleaning out the gunk, dealing with them, they will take their toll on us and those we love.”

Even the strongest of us need support, the bravest of us; a safe place, the most patient; a chance to scream and complain, the ultra dependable; a chance to pass and let someone else do it.

Moments and seasons of release and relaxation aren’t for the weak but the wise and well balanced.


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